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How to Replace a Lost WIC Card

How to Replace a Lost WIC Card

If you have a stolen, damaged or lost WIC card, there are specific procedures you must follow for replacement. First, you need to report that you’ve lost your WIC card to your local clinic. The WIC office will deactivate your current WIC benefits card, and this will prevent others from gaining access to your benefits. To obtain a replacement card, you will need to set an appointment with your local facility.

Furthermore, you need to understand what happens to the benefits you had in your card. Depending on when you lost your card, you may not be able to retrieve unused benefits. Additionally, many states provide WIC benefits using a check. This makes it crucial to understand what you must do if your check is damaged or is missing. The sections below will provide you with information on what to do when you lost your WIC EBT card or check, and how to replace it.

Steps to Take to Replace a Lost WIC Card or Check

“What do I do if I lost my WIC card?” is an important question for all program beneficiaries. If your card is lost, damaged or stolen, you need to report the loss of the card to a WIC office. You have the option of reporting your lost or stolen WIC card by visiting your local WIC clinic or contacting customer service.

Once you notify an agent that your card is missing, he or she will immediately lock your card, which will prevent anyone from accessing your benefits. For instance, if you find your card after reporting it missing, you are unable to use it. You cannot call or visit your local agency to reactivate your old card once you report it is missing or stolen. You will need a new card in order to use your benefits.

In the event of a stolen or lost WIC card, you can check your EBT card balance to make sure you do not have any suspicious payments on your account. You can check your transaction history online or call WIC customer service while submitting a cancellation request. For more details on how to check your balance, download our free guide.

How to Obtain a WIC Card Replacement

In order to replace a WIC card, you may need to set an appointment with your local office, unless the office allows walk-in WIC appointment procedures. You can set an appointment in person or by phone when you let an agent know that your card is missing or stolen. WIC facilities may not provide you with a replacement card if you do not have a meeting scheduled. Protocol for replacement can change by state or area, so it is best to confirm with the office when requesting the cancellation of a card.

What do I need to take to my appointment for a WIC card replacement?

If you need to go in for an appointment for card replacement, you may need to provide the agent assisting you with identification. When processing your WIC card replacement request, an agent may ask for proof of identification. Some areas may request incident reports regarding a lost or damaged card. For example, the WIC office may request a police report or a fire report if the card is missing due to theft or a fire in the home.

Once you submit your request with an agent, you must sign and fill out any additional forms that acknowledge your request for a replacement WIC card. Offices will typically reissue checks or cards by mail, but some may reissue benefits immediately. For more details on submitting a request for a new card, download our comprehensive guide.

What happens to the benefits I had in my old WIC card?

If your WIC card was lost, stolen or damaged at the end of the month, you may lose the benefits that you did not use. For example, if you lost your WIC card on October 31, and had a balance remaining, your benefits will not carry over to the new card that you will receive in November. This is because WIC offices take one to seven days to complete the card replacement process.

If you lost your card in the beginning or middle of the month, your new card may have the remaining balance that you had in your damaged, lost or stolen WIC card, depending on the state you live in. That is because you will receive your new WIC card in the same month you lost it.

Do I need to set a new PIN?

Your local office may give you the option to keep your previous PIN or change it. If you want to create a new PIN for your replacement WIC card, you will need to follow guidelines the facility has in place. Also, make the four-digit PIN a code that you will remember. If you enter the incorrect PIN multiple times when trying to complete a transaction, your card will lock.

What happens if I lose my WIC check?

All 50 states and U.S. territories and most Indian Tribal Organizations (ITOs) have transitioned to the EBT system. However, some ITOs might still distribute benefits in the form of WIC checks. If you live in one of those ITOs and you lost your WIC check, you need to contact your local facility or the customer service center. Both offices will void your check, which will prevent others from using your benefits. If you find your WIC check after contacting customer service or your local WIC office, you cannot use your check or reactive it.

If your WIC check is missing or stolen, some ITOs may not replace your check with a new one. You may have to wait for the next time your facility distributes vouchers in order to obtain benefits. You may need to provide proof of loss to get a replacement check. For example, if your check was lost due to a home fire, you must bring a copy of the official fire report.

In addition, if your check is damaged, you need to inform your local WIC facility. You may need to present your check in person to an agent. If you visit the facility and do not have your WIC check to provide proof of the damages, you may not receive a new check. Some offices may not reissue a replacement WIC check if you have requested a check within the last year if you cannot provide proof of loss or damage.

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